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Funky Monkey in Artivisti

Young artists ranging from musicians to dancers will start benefitting from funds allocated to two programme by the National Youth Agency in collaboration with the Malta Arts Council.

The programmes are intended for young people to develop their creative talents.

Artivisti and the Programme for the Development of Artists are two collaborative initiatives which aim to encourage  young people who show promise in the arts sector.

Luke Camilleri is an artist and the driving force behind Funky Monkey which benefited from the programme Artivisti last year to develop a project which reached its peak with a music video. He said that the project provided him with a platform to promote his talents.

”I reflected more on what I am capable of doing and the final project is a show called Let it FLY. I collaborated with two other singers, Katya Abela and Maria Ellul, and my mentor Toby Farrugia.”

The Director of the Malta Arts Council, Marianne Cauchi said that the programme serves as a bridge between the implementation of a national policy for young people and the strategy of the Create 2020 council with the special aim of creating more opportunities for people to take part in creative projects.


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