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Ġujo is a musical project of

Beck | Vocalist

JG | Bassist

Zack Walters | Lead Guitar

Funky Monkey | Live Dj/Producer • Beatbox • Drummer • MĊ

Ella Puci | Keys • Vocalist

Jason Spiteri | Guitar

Mich Mallia | Drummer

Sarah Sultana | Saxophone

Ġujo is a maltese band that aims to bring an intense, untainted experience of modern neo-soul with influences ranging from jazz, funk, hip-hop and reggae amongst others.

The band originally started out as a musical experiment back in October 2021 when a group of friends decided to merge their musical tastes in a set of experimental jamming sessions. In April 2022, the band members entered the local music scene under the name ‘Ġujo’ for their first performance.

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