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Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey


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Dj • Producer • Beatbox • Drummer • MĊ
Owner of 141 Records 一四一

1/4 of Oxygyn

1/8 of Ġujo

. : Sempliċiment Tat-Triq : .#STT #WŻK13


Funky Monkey was born in Malta, 14 July 1998. Ever being in love with music, the journey in music started by learning basic music theory which lead to playing the Trumpet. Eventually he got interested in piano and started experimenting with the instrument. After some years he stoped playing the Trumpet and moved on to playing the Alto Horn. 

He was only 14 when he started finding his best musical expression through electronic music, and so he started to DJ. He’s also a producer, a job he considers different from that of a DJ, indeed the studio activity is based on a detailed research of updated sounds. Synth and drum-machines are some of his passions which he cannot help but use, considering essential the need of the hardware.


At the age of 17 he launched his first single, “Back In Town”. Funky Monkey was in the process of signing a record deal, but since he refused to give a genre to his Tracks, the deal was not accepted.


Therefore this meant that despite the music was accepted and up to all standards with the label’s releases because the music was not marketed in a specific genre it got rejected.


In today’s society and social inclusion do music genre help? and 1st of all do we rely need to put music and art in boxes? With this mindset he started questioning why was he trying to sign himself with a label that has a boxed vision for music.


This was the start of the 141 Records, seeing music as art irrespective of the genre.


Robustus which is part of his upcoming debut album "The BIGinning" was released in September 2017, along with its music video. This single, with Russian born artist Abel Nesian, is titled Robustus.


Funky Monkey is also the producer for: OxygynREAIviè Skies along side other artist and other side project.


Funky Monkey's "Let It Fly" ft. Katia Abela and Maria Ellul, with is part of the 141 Universe.

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