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Oxygyn is an alternative indie-pop music outlet that produces tracks which reflect the human and societal condition. Composed of sibling vocal duo Katia Abela and Kurt Abela, with lyrics written by Kurt Abela, Production and Guitars by Zack Walters and Percussion & Production by Funky Monkey

They strive to leave their unique mark on the pop music scene. A core element of the music is lyrical and artistic content, which abstractly focuses on the complex paradigms of humanity.

Their aim is to make music that inspires others through the exploration of important human and social issues through song, and to encourage their listeners to not only hear their music, but to also sit back and reflect.

Oxygyn was established in December 2015, with the release of their debut original single CORRODE. The song reached No.2 on Malta’s Top 10 Chart (89.7 BAY), and the music video has garnered over 17,000 views on YouTube.

They followed this up with WOLVES WITHOUT TEETH, a cover version of the song originally released by Of Monsters & Men, in September 2016.

In 2017, Oxygyn started transitioning from acoustic and piano-based music into a more modern and polished sound. They performed at several local music festivals, including the Farsons Beer Festival, Rock the South and the Beland Music Festival, to name a few.

This evolution culminated in the release of the original single BUBBLEWRAP in November 2017, which debuted with radio play on XFM 100.2’s Big Drive Home with Trudy Kerr, and was accompanied by a music video produced by 141 Records.

BUBBLEWRAP reached No.1 on Malta’s Top 10 Chart (89.7 BAY) in January 2018, and the music video reached over 11,000 people on social media in a matter of weeks.

OXY made there mark on the island, performing at a lot of festivals, establishments and also at Malta Fashion Week 2019, Amassing a total of 11,000 + streams on Soundcloud in 2020 alone, and landing the top spot on the PRS Malta Top 10 Airplay Chart with their fourth single 'Blindfold'.

Fifth singles ‘Venom’ and ‘Wicked White Lies’, the band are now setting their sights on a UK breakthrough for their punchy, electronic-led indie-pop.

Propelled by an addictive electronic beat, Mercy is the band’s melancholic, yet punchy sixth single release since their 2015 inception. With this track, Oxygyn started made their debut on BBC Radio, with "Mercy" being played on the programme "BBC Music Introducing". 

Oxygyn collaborated with LEX on the track "Comatose". In 2022, Oxygyn took part in the Maltese music festival "Mużika Mużika" with their first track in their native language, "Purgatorju". With this track, Oxygyn did not only make it to the final of this festival, but also placed among the top 10 in the competition.

Cloudmaker kicks off 2024 with a humbling guitar based track which brings together the start and the evolved sound of the band. This year is the culmination of what OXY represents with debut musical concept album entitled ‘COMPOUND’, with tracks focusing on the themes of change, growth and identity while also prioritising sustainability, and thus, they have published there album LP with a 100% green energy and ecologically-friendly process in all aspects of the project.

Stay Tuned for more info on 'COMPOUND'

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