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Sempliċiment Tat-Triq

It all started in a town in the Northern Region of Malta #RBT , Żdong and Ħaxxaxxin co-founding members of the notorious Maltese hiphop crew Sempliċiment Tat-Triq (STT) stand true to their name and produce an abrasive, vitriolic style that challenges middle-class sensibilities. They manly choose to rap in Maltese, the only semitic language written in Latin letters.

Since 2011, Sempliċiment Tat-Triq has released 3 Mixtapes Wisq Żibel (2011), Ħorrox Borrox (2012), Versi Perversi (2012) and had planned to issue a full-length album by 2013 but has never materialised as yet. Instead they released a Demo entitled Qumu Minn Hemm (2014). Recognition was got with Iswed Tnejn Zokkor being MMA nominated for Best Local HipHop Track of 2012.(not that STT care for that sort of thing) But still it catapulted STT from their relatively unknown status to the attention of the local music scene, beyond the underground HipHop circuit.


In the following 2 years, Sempliċiment Tat-Triq toured around Europe for 4 times (till now) including France, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Austria.

They played squats, social centres, clubs and pubs, festivals, ruined castles, boxing rings, village squares and wherever they could play :.

STT has gone on to release two CD albums, the latest of which, Dellijiet ta’ l-Istess Pezza (2016). In between, there have been countless local gigs, collaborations aplenty and a number of European tours. Six to be precise, including the extensive 29-date tour STT Planed for this album.
This Album features songs STT have recorded those past couple of years, all of them addressing socio-political concerns and openly expressing STT’s views.

STT never stopped from producing their art and living their message with 100% commitment. At points life gets in the way but this did not stop them, but made them stronger and more united than ever thanks to big respect and loyalty. Organically this was the perfect time to introduce official new members. 

2020 was the year of ongoing work and creating a bigger stronger vision for what STT represent. Sempliċiment Għal-Infinita (2021) latest album featuring REA, Bume, Ill Porcell, DJ MAC, Zack Walters & Funky Monkey.

2020 closed of with #CYPHER 2020 a small teaser of what is there to come.

The following years was a transition phase were a lot of experimentation happend, from line up, unexpected collaborations to events and touring.




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