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Lapes has been rapping and performing for the past 10 years proving to everybody that he's here to stay.

It all started for him releasing songs on YouTube with Marmalja which is a Hip Hop group composed of him and long time friend Drinu - Andrea Delicata and open mics sessions from when he was about 17.


He then was picked up by already established rapper Jon Mallia and joined No Bling Show alongside Drinu - Andrea Delicata and Bon - Luke Bonavia. With No Bling he wrote his first album: Ċar Kristall also releasing Marija s-Sabiħa a big Maltese Music Short film which blends għana with hip hop, something that has never been done before.


In 2015 he went back to his roots and released an underground Maltese rap album called “Demm Ġdid” with Marmalja.

From 2018, Lapes has been on a solo trip wich lead to the release of his debut solo album called “Merħba Malta.”(2021) produced by vetern Hip Hop Producer Dj Mac along side Guitarist Myles.

A collaboration with The New Victorians "Min Jaf" was also one of the highlights for 2021. 

DJ & Beat Box - Funky Monkey

Singer - Nadine

Guitarist - Zack Walters

Bassist - JG

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