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Kyle George


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A Maltese male vocalist
"My passion towards singing and music is indescribable
It is basically my whole life"



Kyle George - Tgħidlix Għalfejn [Official Video]
141 Records

Kyle George - Tgħidlix Għalfejn [Official Video]

Stream & Download:​ Spotify: Soundcloud: Apple Music: Deezer: Amazon Music: iTunes: Follow Kyle George Website: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube: Spotify: Follow 141 Records Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: SoundCloud: YouTube: Spotify: - Crew Produced by TechNoir Media & 141 Crew Director: Luke Camilleri DOP: Malcolm Camilleri Artistic Director: Kyle George & Warren Schembri Bonello Head Of Production: Luke Camilleri Editor: Malcolm Camilleri Colorist & Special effects: Malcolm Camilleri Production Manager: Luke Camilleri Vocals - Kyle George Lyrics - Cliff Casha Production - Cyprian Cassar Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Cyprian Cassar Photographer - Lorella Castillo, Styling - Parascandolo Clothing - Parascandolo Hair by Turu's Barber Shop Make up by Antonella's Hair & Beauty Clinic Special Thanks - David Ellul Dope Dance Company Warren: Schembri Bonello & Kayley Jo Vella Lyrics - #KyleGeorge​ #​TgħidlixGħalfejn #141Crew​ #141Records​ Copyright © 2022 141 Records All rights reserved
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