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Chapter Zero

Hardcore Hip-Hop from Malta

Digby & Dj Mac


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Chapter Zero - Traumatic Disorder (prod. by C-Lance) (Official Music Video)
Chapter Zero

Chapter Zero - Traumatic Disorder (prod. by C-Lance) (Official Music Video)

Buy the Album on iTunes: Or Amazon: Like our Page on Facebook: Lyrics- Traumatic Disorder- Trapped in a padded room for quite some time Naked, knuckles to my dome all I got is rhymes A devastating platoon of steady metaphors, enforce Repentances releasing myself from this remorse Hip-Hop is needed like divorce in a catholic community Realize We're all victims of this systems profound obscurity Immunity is a must nowadays so please listen closely I've been cursed to fight back any law that opposes me Hold me and If I stand steady that means I'm a bitch But I never been like that, scared up ripping up the stitch I'm like a switch my fuse is a never ending spark in the dark Blasting poetry at mothafuckaz who think I'm a retard Twisted, uplifted, gifted with the lion's constellation A chemical overdose that will lead to my own assassination All this drama feeding off my entity is only motivation I'm a god damned sick lyricist that will give himself for cremation Fire is all I see in this crazy ass world we are living in My head flipped but my inner soul refuses to be giving in Constantly sinning while I keep seeing everyone grinning But if one doesn't face his demons he can't be winning Used to hallucinate bout becoming the best ever That shit doesn't matter, I'm zoned in the music like whenever Corrected every mistake done, still I need rehabilitation Just give me a beat and I'll try figure this suicidal temptation I'm a ghost chasing his dream; chapter zero's the regime I'm the dirt admitting his sins in a world full of greed Far from perfect cuz perfection is hard to reach I'm a scumbag that hears voices constantly trying to teach A mothafuckin' fiend, tormented by this everyday struggle Bong hitting 'till my last brain cell popped like a bubble Never gave a fuck about getting in trouble, all the hustle Shall only give this weakness in me more fucking muscle Critics can evaluate what I can combine once the song ends We're all about being unique in a time filled with trends I'm an anomic loner musing over his fate Medicated, anti- depressants seem to be my only jailbreak My heart is filled with hate and I can't hide it anymore I feel like swallowing 200 pills and lay shivering on the floor Paranoia took over, I'm schizophrenic, a titanic without borders Hitting icebergs and sail safe from this traumatic disorder Dirty Iris Presents Chapter Zero - Traumatic Disorder Official Music Video A Preview from Chapter Zero's Debut Album Coming out Early 2012 Directed by Keith Falzon Produced by C-Lance & Chapter Zero Mixed and Mastered at SpineSplitter Studio Chapter Zero Lyrics and Vocals - Digby Turntables - Dj Mac