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Coming from Malta's local meme culture, Ben Il-Buzu kicked off a musical experiment back in 2014 which started just to pass time and have fun.​

Buzu works a lot with memes and current affairs to create a hiphop influenced project aimed to create discussion and controversy.


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BUZU - IRKOTTA GANG [Official Video]
141 Records

BUZU - IRKOTTA GANG [Official Video]

BUZU - IRKOTTA GANG [Official Video] out now via 141 Records Stream & Download: Spotify: Soundcloud: Apple Music: Deezer: Amazon Music: Google Play: iTunes: Follow Buzu: Website: Facebook: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube: Spotify: Follow 141 Records: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: SoundCloud: YouTube: - Director: Luke Camilleri DOP: Malcolm Camilleri Editor: Malcolm Camilleri Colorist & Special effects: Malcolm Camilleri Production Manager: Luke Camilleri Additional Cast - Matthias Camilleri, Funky Monkey @lukeschembri1999, @brendan.ellul, @aytonbara.e46, @zenden.d Special Thanks - Crystal Palace, Funky Monkey Lead Vocals & Lyricist: Buzu Music & Production: Buzu Recorded, Mixed & Mastered - Buzu 141 Records #Buzu #IRKOTTAGANG #Pastizzi #HipHop #141Crew #141Records Copyright © 2020 141 Records All Rights Reserved