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141 Records , 141 Crew & 141 Collection
10 Years Anniversary


Founded in 2014,

141 Records is an independent record label based in the Island of Malta.

For more than 10 Years 141 Records has been invading your ears with fresh sounds. With humble beginnings in Funky Monkey's Home studio in Mosta #MST, 141 Records's unwavering mission is to highlight underground, genre-blurring sounds. Working hard to enhance the overall music experience by providing the ultimate professional services under one roof being a one stop shop.


Always on the hunt for fresh sounds, 141 Records continually highlights unexpected collaborations and genres, as we do not believe that music should be limited by genre.



Local Dj • Producer • Beatboxer • Drummer • MĊ

Funky Monkey

had several attempts in signing some record deals with International Record Labels. Unfortunately enough, since Funky Monkey refused to put his tracks in a specific genre, the deals were not accepted, even though the tracks were up to standard and meet all the label's regulations.

In today's society and social inclusion does music genre help? Do we really need to put music and art in closed boxes?

With this mindset, Funky Monkey started questioning why he was even trying to sign himself with a label that has a limited vision towards music. Thus, along came the start of 141 Records; where music is seen as art - Together for each other - irrespective of the genre.

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